[Qgis-developer] UIC Invalid Property Warnings

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Sun Nov 9 14:08:15 EST 2008

Hi Tom

On Sat, 2008-11-08 at 22:44 -0500, Tom Elwertowski wrote:
> Hello all,
> When compiling QGIS, there are about twenty 'invalid property' UIC 
> warnings which I would like to eliminate for QGIS 1.0. There are two 
> reasons for these warnings.
> 1. After QGIS 0.11, icons for plugins were renamed and standardized. A 
> side-effect of this cleanup was that the artwork formerly on the left 
> side of many plugins were deleted. The UI files now generate warnings 
> for these missing files.
> I propose restoring these files using the name <plugin>_watermark.png. 
> QWizard calls such artwork 'watermarks.' Although plugins aren't 
> wizards, the plugins use these images in the same way as QWizard so 
> using the same name makes sense.
> Making this change may affect documentation. If plugin screenshots were 
> made for 0.11 or earlier, the images were present and nothing needs to 
> be done. If screenshots were made after 0.11, they need to be redone 
> because the images are missing.

I'm not in favour of reinstating the watermarks. Reason 1 being the
documentation impacts you mentioned. Reason 2 being that they didnt look
so good. Perhaps we can just prune out references to the removed images
from the ui files?

> 2. At some point in the past, a QGIS icon was placed in the title bar of 
>    dialogs. I checked as far back as 0.7 and couldn't find a file with 
> the specified filename so the Q-arrow icon was renamed many years ago.

> Currently, the icon is often added automatically -- probably when the 
> dialog is a child of the main window. The Mac currently has the icon in 
> most dialogs but X11 has it in fewer places.
> I propose we remove the icon specification from all UI dialogs. This 
> eliminates the warning for 1.0 but doesn't change the UI since the 
> property has been invalid and ignored since 0.7. After 1.0, we can fix 
> the parent property of all dialogs so that the icon is automatically 
> added more consistently.

Agreed - it would be good for all dialogs to automatically get the Q
icon which seems not to be the case at the moment.



> Thoughts?
> Tom
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