[Qgis-developer] Version number in plugin path?

Carson Farmer carson.farmer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 07:16:34 EST 2008

>> The other possibility, if we are concerned about compatibility with older
>> versions, is that the plugins are only fetched from ~/.qgis/python/plugins,
>> however, putting additional folders in ~/.qgis/python, such as /1_x_plugins,
>> would not cause any problems ( I have lots of 'extra' plugins here that
>> backups, or no longer maintained etc). This then, would allow users to have
>> two versions of QGIS installed, both with the same plugins at different
>> versions (so I could have and older version of ftools in
>> ~/.qgis/python/plugins, and then a newer version associated with trunk in
>> ~/.qgis/python/1_x_plugins.
> Right, this should work.
> But I'd like to start the discussion about compatibility with older
> versions. So far I'm not really convinced that there's real benefit -
> why would someone use both 1.x version and 0.x version at the same
> time?
I guess you're probably right, the majority of users would only have one 
or the other. If they are using an older version, they would likely also 
have the older version of the plugin installer.

The multiple versions probably only applies to developers. The only 
other issue then is if we do change how plugins are managed in the 
future, is now to handle plugins after a QGIS upgrade...

Others thoughts?


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