[Qgis-developer] icons

Robert Szczepanek robert at szczepanek.pl
Sat Nov 15 17:41:53 EST 2008

Hi Tim,

>> Here you will find short [4 questions] survey on new theme:
>> http://www.szczepanek.pl/icons.grass/index.php#7
> I completed the survey, hope that helps!

Thanks, I really want to make it for users, not only for me :)
So some compromise in design is needed, at least at first approach.

>> Other toolbars has troubles with full themes support and I didn't put them
>> in print screen, but icons for them are also almost ready.
>> There is no space to put comments, so please send them to mailing list.
> I think your icons are really beautiful and it really helps using a set
> colour pallette. I would really like to try them out in real world
> useage - could you make a preview version available for us to try?

Newest versions will be available at:
Just now ...

There is problem with digitizing icons and some others. They are not 
replaced. Edit icon is replaced in table edition but not in toolbar, end 
so on...
But I will try to prepare all of them, even for off-QGIS view ad 
discussion at the moment.

> Are they created as svgs? I was hoping to globally replace png icons for
> svg in a future version of QGIS as they (svg icons) offer various
> benefits.

Yes, I use Inkscape. All were designed for small sizes, but I would be 
careful with scaling.

> How far off are you from having complete replacements for all QGIS icons
> (if you are even planning that)?

All primitives (objects and acions) are in one svg file [120kB] :)
So work is going really fast and in one or two weeks I can complete all 
icons for toolbars, including some plugins. There are also other ones 
but it shouldn't take much time.

Robert Szczepanek

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