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Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Sat Nov 15 16:49:42 EST 2008


On Fri, 2008-11-14 at 09:07 -0800, Robert Szczepanek wrote:
> Hi Paolo and Tim,
> Starting with GRASS icons, I slowly finish first with QGIS ones :)
> To complete a new theme I would however appreciate your comments.
> QGIS has really nice icons in default theme. I was impressed! But different
> toolbars look inconsistent. There are at least three styles.

Agreed - I had to stop tweaking them at some point because the document
writers needed a frozen gui, but this is something I would like to
address in future. However looking at the work you are doing maybe I
dont need to worry :-)

> Here you will find short [4 questions] survey on new theme:
> http://www.szczepanek.pl/icons.grass/index.php#7

I completed the survey, hope that helps!

> Other toolbars has troubles with full themes support and I didn't put them
> in print screen, but icons for them are also almost ready.
> There is no space to put comments, so please send them to mailing list.

I think your icons are really beautiful and it really helps using a set
colour pallette. I would really like to try them out in real world
useage - could you make a preview version available for us to try?

Are they created as svgs? I was hoping to globally replace png icons for
svg in a future version of QGIS as they (svg icons) offer various

How far off are you from having complete replacements for all QGIS icons
(if you are even planning that)?

Best regards


> regards,
> Robert Szczepanek

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