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Tue Nov 18 03:56:31 EST 2008

Hi Martin

I'm looking forward to all the enhancements too.

SLD: With the changes Martin described, it will be possible have support for all the elements that can be described with SLD (or at least for all that come to my mind now). Of course the xml reading/writing needs to be provided by QGIS, same as the trolls had to provide reading/writing svg and mapping to QPainter.

By the way, there is also a newer specification called Symbology Encoding (SE). Even if most of the elements are the same as in SLD, we should directly consider this spec for the XML parsing, especially for the  namespaces.


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On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 8:30 PM, Tim Sutton <tim at> wrote:
> Me too! If you are developing in your own, what are your plans in terms
> of integration into QGIS trunk? I guess you need to modify core to some
> degree and then plan to put the rest of functionality out into python
> plugin space? I would welcome better renderer implementation (ideally
> that supports SLD spec).

We'd like to integrate as much as possible directly into QGIS trunk.
There will be quite some changes for core library. As there should be
stable API for 1.x releases, we will have to integrate new features
with care. Some things will be maybe shifted to 2.0 release if it
won't be possible to integrate them to 1.x branch.

Briefly what's planned for new renderer implementation:
- multi-layer symbols (the greatest change)
- more symbol layer types - e.g. simple line, marker line ...
- rendering with special order (to allow drawing good-looking roads
with outline)
- rendering is done directly in renderer, not in vector layer
- catalog of symbology

I don't know whether it will be "compatible" with SLD specification,
I'm not very familiar with it... How far from SLD is QGIS now?

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