[Qgis-developer] set mapunitsperpixel

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Sun Nov 23 14:31:23 EST 2008

Hi Devs,
doing my first steps in cpp (starting off with a tmsrasterprovider), I 
thought to zoom to a certain scale first (so I do not need to scale the 
But HOW is this done?
There is no 'zoomToScale' or 'zoomToMupp' or so.
And trying (using python console) to resize the mapcanvas first to 
512x512 and then zoom to a calculated bounding box of 512*XXX (where XXX 
is the wanted mupp) gives a zoomin/out action, but asking for the 
mapUnitsPerPixel after that does NOT give me XXX? Any thoughts about that?

Another question: in the python console if I do a scale(1), why is the 
map zooming in and out? Shouldn't the bbox stay the same with a 1?

Looking at the qgsrasterlayer and it seems pretty hard bound to the 
wmsrasterprovider. Am I right?


Richard Duivenvoorde

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