[Qgis-developer] icons

Robert Szczepanek robert at szczepanek.pl
Fri Nov 28 14:16:46 EST 2008

Hi Martin,

> I also like your icons, good work. I'm currently working from time to
> time on PostGIS manager plugin for QGIS and it's still lacking any
> toolbar icons, so I've decided to use yours. I've done some simple
> editing and created derived icons (create / edit / delete table,
> import/export data). Looks much better now, results to be seen in next
> release (soon).
> Regards
> Martin

I plan to make source svg available, but at the moment this is more my 
sketch-book. So not very useful.
If you want I can send you this file. It will be easier for you to work. 
Just let me know.

Richard and Martin - thanks for  support.

Robert Szczepanek

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