[Qgis-developer] Problem packaging under Windows

Paolo L. Scala scala at itc.cnr.it
Sat Nov 15 07:27:27 EST 2008

Hello everyone!
I'm trying to package with NSIS, under Windows, some of my custom builds
of QGIS (0.10, 1.0b), but when I try to install these packages on a
machine without Python, I cannot see my python plugins neither in the
plugins menu, nor in the plugin manager's plugins list. I bundled
python25.dll, sip and PyQT in the packages, but nothing happens.
I suspect I have to put something else in the pydep directory, but I don't
know what... or maybe a version conflict between my working envirnment's
python and the bundled libraries...
Can someone help me clarifying what do I have to do in order to produce a
package to be installed on a machine without python?

Thanks everyone!

Paolo L. Scala
Software developer
Istituto per le Tecnologie della Costruzione - CNR
via Bassini 15 - 20133 MILANO
tel.+39 02 23699547
fax.+39 02 23699543
.:: http://www.paoloscala.net ::.

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