[Qgis-developer] Installer update - more repositories needed! ;)

Borys Jurgiel borys at wolf.most.org.pl
Mon Sep 8 20:33:55 EDT 2008

Hi lists,
I've just updated the Installer in my repo. There are major changes below.

1. It's compatible with both 0.x and 1.x QGIS now.

2. By default, it uses the main repository. User can click the "add 3rd party 
repositories" button and after accepting warning message, he gets more 

3. The Installer uses DIFFERENT repositories for QGIS 0.x and 1.x. The 
alternative solution was to mix old and new plugins in one repository and 
determine the min/max qgis version in metadata. I've chosen the former, as 
it's much more reliable and clear I think. 

4. Only repositories compatible with currently used QGIS version are used. If 
one repository has two "instances" (containing old-api plugins and new-api 
plugins), always the matching one is choosen by correcting the QSettings. If 
one repository (saved in QSettings) is mismatching and has no 
proper "analog", it's disabled (but automatically enabled after publishing 
the analog). So upgrading from 0.11 to 1.0 will automatically change the used 
repository list.

5. At the moment, our "official" repository is enabled in both QGIS 0.x and 
1.x, my repository has two instances [1][2], while Barry's, Carson's and 
Paolo's repositories are enabled in QGIS 0.x and disabled in 1.x 
It will be great if every repository would be provided in two instances.

I hope I'm undestandable and Installer's behaviour is clear.


PS. I've renamed menu item and window titles from "QGIS Plugin Installer" 
to "QGIS Python Plugin Installer". It's related to the earlier 
discussion "Python plugins and C++ plugins: using different terms".

[1] my repo with new-api plugins: www.bwj.aster.net.pl/qgis/plugins.xml
[2] my repo with old-api plugins: www.bwj.aster.net.pl/qgis/plugins-oldapi.xml

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