[Qgis-developer] Installer update - more repositories needed! ;)

Borys Jurgiel borys at wolf.most.org.pl
Tue Sep 9 18:00:41 EDT 2008

Tuesday 09 of September 2008 22:34:17 Tim Sutton napisał(a):
> Are 
> you happy for us to replace the one in QGIS source tree now with it?
> As soon as we get your plugin into the source tree we can start
> feature freeze. 

Hi Tim,
The Installer is waiting for you. Could you put it to the svn please? 
I've just uploaded few cosmetic changes, so use the latest version:

> Are you able to provide a patch for QGIS that 
> incorporates your plugin? If not could a pythonista out there help
> with this?

The last pending issue is the necessity for enabling plugins in Manager after 
install and also necessity for restarting QGIS after plugin upgrade. I hope 
there are only two small python bindings to make but I'll get down to them 
tomorrow afternoon. And you know, it may take me one hour or many more.
If someone more fluent in C++ and SIP would like to help me, it should take 
less time. 

So can we put the new installer now and call for the freeze with this one 
exception? In the worst case, the patch is not necessary, it's just for user 


PS. I've decided to keep the menu item and don't merge it with the Manager. 
Finally, it looks more clearly for me. So no Manager UI changes are planned.

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