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Bishwarup Banerjee bishwarup.banerjee at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 09:09:52 EDT 2008

Hi Marco,

Thank you very much for your reply. But it is not working.
I followed the exact steps that you suggested.

In the cmd screen i get following error
The error i get is    "    'python' is not recognized as an internal or
external command, operable program or batch file."

I tried to set the path through mycomputer->properties->advance option.
It is being displayed in the variable but after setting the pythonpath
variable when i try to start python idle i get the error that the python dll
not found and all the values in the path variables are displayed, and python
is not getting started.

And when i cleared all the values needed for python and quantum GIS from the
environment variable and used the command set as suggested by you from cmd,
then again the same error "python is not recognised ........". and when i
checked through mycomputer->properties->advance option, i found no values
are set.

What should i do?
Please suggest me.

the screen shots of the cmd prompt is as follows:

*C:\Documents and Settings\Bishwarup>d:*

*D:\>cd BTC*

*D:\BTC>cd Test_qgis*

*D:\BTC\Test_Qgis>cd tutorial*

*D:\BTC\Test_Qgis\Tutorial>cd tutorials*

*D:\BTC\Test_Qgis\Tutorial\tutorials>cd 2_basic_main_window*

*D:\BTC\Test_Qgis\Tutorial\tutorials\2_basic_main_window>set path=C:\Program
Files\Quantum Gis;%PATH%*

pythonpath=C:\Program Files\Quantum GIS\python*

'python' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.*
What should i do now?

Thank you in advance.

On 9/10/08, Marco Pasetti <marcopstt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Bishwarup,
> Step 1. Python 2.5
> correct
> Step 2. PyQT 4.4.3
> maybe not needed (already bundled in the released package), but generally
> correct
> Step 3. QGIS-0.11.0-2-Setup.exe
> correct again
> that is all and no other step.
> right
> Do i need to do anything else apart from this.
> No
> I want to develop a customized application with the help of Quantum GIS and
>> python.
>> Please help me out.
> as I told you in the previous e-mails, you should carefully read the
> tutorial!
> summarizing:
> 1. download the tutorial package:
> http://mapserver.sk/~wonder/qgis/tutorials.tar.gz
> 2. untar it to a temporary directory c:\temp (or wherever you want)
> 3. open a windows terminal (cmd)
> 4. change to the directory where you placed the tutorial files (cd c:\temp)
> 5. set the environmental variables as explained in the tutorial;
> if you installed qgis into C:\Program Files\Quantum GIS, as suggested by
> the installer, type
> set PATH=C:\Program Files\Quantum GIS;%PATH%
> set PYTHONPATH=C:\Program Files\Quantum GIS\python
> 6. launch the desired tutorial file:
> python mainwindow.py
> That's all,
> Marco
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