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On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 10:38 AM, Paolo Cavallini<cavallini at faunalia.it> wrote:
> Tim Sutton ha scritto:
>> I also like this idea but we've tried it before and had problems. Since
>> we rely on people to work on stuff in their free time its very hard to
>> impose deadlines on anybody. The current system we have works very well
> Hi Tim.
> This is the point: according to what I hear, the system is not working very
> well, both for users (I often receive requests like "when will I be able to use
> version 1.2? When will be feature yyy available to general public?) and for
> packagers (we still miss proper official packages for Debian, and therefore also
> for all derived distros). My suggestion came from their requests.
>> - where we leave some time for open commits, send out a 'ok to release?'
>> email, and if everyone is happy plan a release schedule over the course
>> of the next month.
>> Perhaps things will be different now that we have a codebase that is
>> more stabilised and we are working in branches, so I am game to try
>> again since I would also like to see:
>> - a yearly stable release that will have maintenance updates
>> - several unstable releases for those who want to have the latest &
>> greatest
> Don't you think an alternative approach is easier?
> Since the code base is mostly quite stable (always compiling smoothly, only 3
> critical bugs left), I think we can basically release any time, without major
> issues.

Yes that is why we requested people to move feature development into
branches always - to keep svn trunk in a near release ready state.

>So why not deciding fixed times, and release the best code we have twice
> a year?

Like I said in the previous post I am happy to try doing fixed date
releases again.

> Anyway, *you* are the release manager, and I respect your decision :)
> I'm raising the point only to make users happy, and to have good packages,
> especially for Debian and derivatives. This would also help preparing
> documentation in time, I think.

To be honest I have given up trying to figure out the various arcane
requirements needed for debian packages. I understand the need for
quality control but most of the things they ask for are beyond my
understanding. If we are ever to meet their criteria I think we need a
bit more hand holding. Juergen has carried out their requests as they
have come up as best I can recall, but I think even his seemingly
limitless persistence must be wearing out by now.



> All the best.
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