[Qgis-developer] Compilation QGIS under Linux for Windows

Jack R lynx21.12.12 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 12:36:13 EDT 2009

Hi list,

My goal is to develop a C++ plugin, which will run under QGIS. I'm
developing under Linux and having trouble making compiled plugin binary
work under Windows. Here is what I did:

I compiled QGIS from svn under Linux for Windows using Cmake and MinGW.
Then I tried to put compiled plugins in plugins folder for MSVC build
QGIS from http://qgis.org/en/download/unstable-software.html.
But after I run OSGeo/QGIS it does not see this plugins.

I then run MinGW/QGIS with its plugins and QGIS was able to load my
plugin under Win without problems. But when I put plugins from MSVC
build QGIS to MinGW build QGIS it cannot see them again.

My question is, does anybody know how to tune MinGW to build compatible
binaries of plugins whith MSVC build QGIS?

I will appreciate any advice.

OS: Gentoo
MinGW: 4.4.0
Qt: 4.5.2
gdal: 1.6.2
geos: 3.1.1
gsl: 1.12
proj: 4.6.1
sqlite: 3.6.16

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