[Qgis-developer] A suggestion for "Scale and measurement"

Carson Farmer carson.farmer at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 05:13:59 EDT 2009

> I propose we change the wording on the units selector to "Default 
> layer units when OTF Projections is turned off",
> and gray this area out when OTFP is on. We also add another selector 
> (maybe in global options instead of project options?)
> called "Measurement presentation units:  (*) Metric  (*) Imperial".
> A question is what to display when a) OTFP is off and the layer unit 
> selected is degrees, or
When no units are known (i.e. no CRS info with the layer), what about 
Martin's previous suggestions of 'Unknown' units? When the layer is 
*actually* in degrees, what not keep with degrees, letting the user know 
that they should first project the layer before trying to do measurements?
> b) OTFP is on and the map CRS is geo (such as WGS84). Should we use 
> sq. degrees or should we
> convert distances/areas on an ellipsoid?
I my opinion we should do the latter,. Thoughts? It would be great if 
this made it in time for this next release...


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