[Qgis-developer] German QGIS Compiling Tutorial using OSGeo4W

Florian Hillen fhillen at uni-osnabrueck.de
Mon Aug 10 12:08:16 EDT 2009

Hi Maxim,

thanks for the translation. I already tried to translate it by myself, but
I will change some formulations - so thanks for that!

I already fixed some of the bugs you mentioned in the newest version,
which you can found under:
http://www.florianhillen.de/qgis-tutorial-de.html (German)
http://www.florianhillen.de/qgis-tutorial-en.html (English)
But what do you mean with the new cmake gui? I think it's looking the
same, isn't it?!?

I have the same problem with python at the moment. I don't need python so
far, but I will try to fix that problem and change that part of the
The same with debugging - didn't take a look at that until now.

Best regards,

> Hi Florian,
> here is English translation with few bugs fixed (note new cmake gui,
> some links, paths to osgeo4w\qt etc.)
> in general QGIS compiles and run well using this approach, but I could not
> make Python support work.
> it also would be nice to add explanations on adding debugging output.
> thanks for your work.
> Maxim
> FH> I just want you to know that I created a german QGIS compiling
> tutorial
> FH> using msvc and the osgeo4w package under windows xp (I didn't find a
> FH> tutorial which uses osgeo4w).
> FH> If anyone of you is interested you can find the pdf in the attachment.
> A
> FH> HTML-Version will be released within the next days I hope.
> FH> I hope that this is helpful to anyone.
> FH> Thanks to Tim Sutton, David Willis und Jürgen Fischer for your
> tutorial,
> FH> which I related to.
> FH> Best regards,
> FH> Florian

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