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Thu Aug 13 17:45:20 EDT 2009

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Carlos Dávila wrote:
> Jürgen E. Fischer escribió:
>> Hi Paolo,
>> On Thu, 13. Aug 2009 at 10:29:03 +0200, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
>>> Hugentobler Marco ha scritto:
>>>> My personal opinion: I think it is better to include those new features
>>>> into 1.3 for stability reasons (that's the purpose of feature freeze after
>>>> all).
>>> Of course, if you think there is a risk of instability, better to postpone it. I
>>> suggested it because they do not seemed invasive.
>> #62 might be very invasive.  Previously there was not explicit type for feature
>> ids and therefore we might find a lot of places where there are ints now, which
>> are feature ids, but were not touched because they were not yet identified as
>> such.  That's a potential source for breakages.
>> The others IMHO are harmless.  If we weren't in feature freeze, I would have
>> applied them already.  But they aren't too important either, so I don't see a
>> urgent need for lifting the feature freeze just for those.
> Could you consider to commit also the patch I sent a few days ago to
> this list that introduces some strings from fTools for translation. I
> think it shouldn't break anything and will improve internationalization
> of 1.2 release.
> Regards
> Carlos
>> Jürgen

I think we should wait with these other mentioned patches for 1.3. It
should be fine to commit Carlos' patch it it relates only to translations.

I will be calling for translations tomorrow evening late (South African
time) after which now more string changes should be introduced.


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