[Qgis-developer] icons

Robert Szczepanek robert at szczepanek.pl
Fri Jan 2 13:36:30 EST 2009

Hi Tim and John,

Cytowanie "John C. Tull" <jctull at gmail.com>:

> I would second Tim's sentiments on this. Those icons are very non-
> intuitive for me as well. I keep thinking of upload/download icons in
> an sftp-type client.

There is silimarity to upload/download functions, but those symbols are very
neutral and can be used in different context.

> Could you use a DVD type image as the backdrop for save and something
> with an opening folder for open? Here's an example disc icon I found
> in a quick search:

I associate DVD with multimedia, not saving data. What I'm looking for is
minimization of visual information as we have very little space.

> Regards,
> John
> On Jan 2, 2009, at 7:18 AM, Tim Sutton wrote:
> > The one area left that I have a problem with is the load / save / save
> > as icons. No matter how much I try to memorise what the up arrow
> > signifies versus the down arrow, I find I just cant  get used to them,
> > and invariable end up clicking the wrong one. Even worse, if one
> > doesnt
> > read the dialog title carefully and end up using the save project icon
> > instead of the load project, you can wipe out your project file.

I have to test it on my students :)
But I can understand your doubts. Thoses three icons for you under [version for
Please override them in SVN if needed.

best regards,

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