[Qgis-developer] proxys, WMS and plugin installer

Borys Jurgiel borys at wolf.most.org.pl
Tue Jan 6 07:59:34 EST 2009

Tuesday 06 January 2009 09:48:48 Marco Hugentobler napisał(a):
> Hi QGIS devs
> I'm a bit lost in the tickets and discussions about proxys. What is the 
> current state of proxy handling?
> There is patch #1422 that adds the possibility to choose proxy type for plugin 
> installer (but not WMS). In the ticket it says 'I have not made any new 
> changes to the plugin installer, as Borys has already applied the above fix, 
> plus some excellent extras!'. Does that mean that the patch can be closed?

The present state is that Installer reads the proxy type from QSettings, but 
there is no gui to set it. Your patch does it so the problem should be solved 
after applying it. The second reason for keeping it open was that I have no 
feedback if it really has helped (with manually adjusted QSettings).

> I also have a proxy patch (attached) which lets the user select proxy type and 
> sets it to QgsHttpTransaction (for WMS). I tested together with Andreas and it 
> seems that setting the proxy and proxy type at application level does not 
> work. Therefore the patch sets the proxy configuration to the QHttp object. Do 
> other proxy users/developers have the same experience? Because I don't see a 
> reason why the application level proxy does not work.

Probably we should create a very simple Qgs standalone application to determine 
whether it's a Qt bug or something in the implementation. 

> Maybe we need a mix of both patches such that proxy works with WMS and plugin 
> installer?

In fact, I still don't know whether Installer works with proxy, but I hope yes.

It doesn't use the QgsHttpTransaction (there is no Python bindings) and uses its 
own QPHttp object, which inherits from the QHttp and just applies the proxy 
settings to every instance when created. I hope your path for WMS + managing the 
QSettings is sufficient for both Installer and WMS. 

But there is also WFS remaining (and what with postgis?)

> Also I think we need a set of proxy testers to try both patches with different 
> proxy types and report what works/ does not work with patch #1422 and attached 
> patch. Who would be available? 

Unfortunately I don't use proxy so I'm doing that all a bit gropingly.
I can only say that your patch for QSettings seems to be fully compatible with 

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