[Qgis-developer] proxys, WMS and plugin installer

Carson Farmer carson.farmer at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 08:20:39 EST 2009

I forgot to cc the list the last time I sent this...

Hi Marco,
> I'm a bit lost in the tickets and discussions about proxys. What is the 
> current state of proxy handling?
> There is patch #1422 that adds the possibility to choose proxy type for plugin 
> installer (but not WMS). In the ticket it says 'I have not made any new 
> changes to the plugin installer, as Borys has already applied the above fix, 
> plus some excellent extras!'. Does that mean that the patch can be closed?
No not yet. Borys has added the functionality to the installer, but the
extra dropdown list added to the proxy settings tab has not been applied
yet (so the user can specify the type of proxy to use).
> I also have a proxy patch (attached) which lets the user select proxy type 
Perhaps we should try to combine these two patches, because there's
nothing worse than having to reenter proxy information more than once in
an application ;-)
> and 
> sets it to QgsHttpTransaction (for WMS). I tested together with Andreas and it 
> seems that setting the proxy and proxy type at application level does not 
> work. Therefore the patch sets the proxy configuration to the QHttp object. Do 
> other proxy users/developers have the same experience? Because I don't see a 
> reason why the application level proxy does not work.
I think Borys has found a similar problem, though it appears to work ok
for me...? I'm certainly not expert here though...
> Maybe we need a mix of both patches such that proxy works with WMS and plugin 
> installer?
> Also I think we need a set of proxy testers to try both patches with different 
> proxy types and report what works/ does not work with patch #1422 and attached 
> patch. Who would be available? 
I'm behind a socks proxy, so I'd be glad to test this...



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