[Qgis-developer] QGIS 1.0 Windows package progress?

Marco Pasetti pasetti.marco at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 08:33:53 EST 2009

Hi Tim,

>I'm just wondering how things are going in terms of packaging QGIS 1.0
>for windows.

I still have some problems to fix. See here for more info 
(sorry for the few words but I really need to "speed up everything")

>Do you have time to do it? Would you like me to try to find
>some help for you? If you need anything, just shout! :-)

Yes, not a lot of time, but I have time. I only need to fix some "opened 
questions" about the building environment (as you can read above), then I'll 
be able to strictly focus on the building items... I'll call you when I'll 
need some help.

>I will wait to announce QGIS 1.0 release until you are ready with your

I'm afraid, but I'll be very late on the project this time. I think it will 
need one week more. Feel free to release without the MS-Windows installer...

>Happy new year!

You too...

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