[Qgis-developer] proxys, WMS and plugin installer

Marco Hugentobler marco.hugentobler at karto.baug.ethz.ch
Wed Jan 7 09:58:16 EST 2009

Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback. I think Borys is right and the plugin installer 
should pick up the proxy type from the settings. Therefore I applied the patch 
in r9939 for testing. 

I don't have the 'pleasure' to work behind a proxy so I cannot test myself. 
Andreas, Barry, Carson, Stephan, could you test r9939 with your proxy 
configurations at work?

>But there is also WFS remaining (and what with postgis?)

True, WFS is using QHttp directly for GetFeature requests and also needs to 
set proxy settings. Also I'm developing an SOS client that would also need to 
do that. It seems reasonable to have a method applyProxySettings(QHttp) that 
can be used by all those classes. For postgis there is probably a libpq 
specific way of proxy setting, though I did not check the documentation yet.

> PS: It would be good to have a noproxy-entry, because some clients complain
> that they cannot use internal and external WMS in one QGIS-Session.

Yes, I agree it would be handy to specify a set of urls in option dialog for 
that. Then every URL starting with such a string will not use a proxy in its 
QHttp object (that is a further argument against setting proxy at application 


Am Mittwoch 07 Januar 2009 07:36:09 schrieb Stephan Holl:
> Hi Marco,
> glad that you roled up the proxy-topic again :-)
> We have several problems with it and I tried to track this down to some
> point but got lost in QT-stuff. One of my collegues told me that QT uses
> the CONNECT-method which at least fails on our proxy-server.
> Apart from that, using QT 4.2.x worked though. I dont have a QT4.2.x-build
> at hand so I cannot really test against current qgis-trunk.
> Am Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009 09:48:48 schrieb Marco Hugentobler:
> > Hi QGIS devs
> >
> > I'm a bit lost in the tickets and discussions about proxys. What is the
> > current state of proxy handling?
> >
> > There is patch #1422 that adds the possibility to choose proxy type for
> > plugin installer (but not WMS). In the ticket it says 'I have not made
> > any new changes to the plugin installer, as Borys has already applied the
> > above fix, plus some excellent extras!'. Does that mean that the patch
> > can be closed?
> >
> > I also have a proxy patch (attached) which lets the user select proxy
> > type and sets it to QgsHttpTransaction (for WMS). I tested together with
> > Andreas and it seems that setting the proxy and proxy type at application
> > level does not work. Therefore the patch sets the proxy configuration to
> > the QHttp object. Do other proxy users/developers have the same
> > experience? Because I don't see a reason why the application level proxy
> > does not work.
> >
> > Maybe we need a mix of both patches such that proxy works with WMS and
> > plugin installer?
> >
> > Also I think we need a set of proxy testers to try both patches with
> > different proxy types and report what works/ does not work with patch
> > #1422 and attached patch. Who would be available?
> I could give it a go to test. Let me know which revision-number is
> testable.
> Best regards
> 	Stephan
> PS: It would be good to have a noproxy-entry, because some clients complain
> that they cannot use internal and external WMS in one QGIS-Session.

Dr. Marco Hugentobler
Institute of Cartography
ETH Zurich
Technical Advisor QGIS Project Steering Committee

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