[Qgis-developer] proxys, WMS and plugin installer

Stephan Holl stephan.holl at intevation.de
Wed Jan 7 01:36:09 EST 2009

Hi Marco,

glad that you roled up the proxy-topic again :-)

We have several problems with it and I tried to track this down to some point 
but got lost in QT-stuff. One of my collegues told me that QT uses the 
CONNECT-method which at least fails on our proxy-server.

Apart from that, using QT 4.2.x worked though. I dont have a QT4.2.x-build at 
hand so I cannot really test against current qgis-trunk.

Am Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009 09:48:48 schrieb Marco Hugentobler:
> Hi QGIS devs
> I'm a bit lost in the tickets and discussions about proxys. What is the
> current state of proxy handling?
> There is patch #1422 that adds the possibility to choose proxy type for
> plugin installer (but not WMS). In the ticket it says 'I have not made any
> new changes to the plugin installer, as Borys has already applied the above
> fix, plus some excellent extras!'. Does that mean that the patch can be
> closed?
> I also have a proxy patch (attached) which lets the user select proxy type
> and sets it to QgsHttpTransaction (for WMS). I tested together with Andreas
> and it seems that setting the proxy and proxy type at application level
> does not work. Therefore the patch sets the proxy configuration to the
> QHttp object. Do other proxy users/developers have the same experience?
> Because I don't see a reason why the application level proxy does not work.
> Maybe we need a mix of both patches such that proxy works with WMS and
> plugin installer?
> Also I think we need a set of proxy testers to try both patches with
> different proxy types and report what works/ does not work with patch #1422
> and attached patch. Who would be available?

I could give it a go to test. Let me know which revision-number is testable.

Best regards


PS: It would be good to have a noproxy-entry, because some clients complain 
that they cannot use internal and external WMS in one QGIS-Session.
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