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Jesus Marin jesusmms at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 09:41:09 EST 2009


   After reading the "Desktop GIS" book, downloaded qgis 0.10 and installed
0.11, downloaded the tutorial #1 with its required add-ons (cmake and other
libraries) with no success. I ask for some... SOS help!!

   The Tutorials are based (?) on release 1.0 but, what about the API made
with doxygen? In the latest release page, it says that 0.11 is the latest
whereas in the download page, 1.0 has gone from Preview 2 to stable and the
API docs is mentioned to be the most stable from now on.

   Now I am compiling the Tutorial 1 with a crash defining the
QgsSingleSymbolRenderer constructor which does not allow the usage of
QgsVectorLayer. Commenting that line it compiles and generates a non-working
demo but, at least, it seems that my installation is not bad.

   The *question are:* where to start/continue? recommended docs to read?
recommended version to download? extra example code?

   I want to create an application able to read raster and vectorial. Adds
several layers of symbology and interacts with other windows. Nothing

   Thanks in advance. And sorry if this post should be somewhere else.

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