[Qgis-developer] printing with qgis

Florian Lohoff flo at rfc822.org
Mon Jan 19 11:38:21 EST 2009

i started using qgis lately for my OSM work - I was trying to print
an arbitrary region for later survey. I found multiple annoyances while

1. WMS Server size limit. Its nice to display the warning that
   overflowing the size constraints of a WMS server might cause the 
   data not to be printed. 
   It would be much nicer to show the warning when the requests fails
   and inform the user that the print failed (it makes no sense to print
   A much better solution would be to halve the request size until 
   the size constraints are satisfied and stitch together the result.

2. PDF Printing - PDF Printing might be very convinient for the 
   developer but burdens the load on providing postscript to the 
   printserver. I only found out because of 3) and a very slow print
   server (AMD K6 took hours to rip the pdf into postscript)

3. Buffered labels take ages to render in PDF and/or to print.
   I havent looked at the buffered Labels more closely but as a matter
   of fact some buffered labels cause my A4 print to take 3-4 hours
   to render on a AMD K6 Cups printserver using pdftops. Turning
   off buffered labels made the print nearly instantanious.
   I could also reproduce this by saving a pdf and opening with
   acroread. One could see acroread rendering the single label
   one ofter another in a very slow way (Intel Core Duo) 

This was all experienced with the debian packages:


As the crashes also were quite annoying i am now running RELEASE_1_0_0
svn branch to collect backtraces ;)

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