Print composer A3 output [WAS:[Qgis-developer] roadmap]

John C. Tull john.tull at
Wed Jan 28 20:43:48 EST 2009

On Jan 28, 2009, at 8:01 AM, Florian Lohoff wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 08:32:48AM +0100, Andreas Neumann wrote:
>> in addition to Paolos ideas there could be improvements in the  
>> following
>> areas:
>> * printing improvements (printing big rasters, grid lines/ 
>> graticules in
>> print composer) - its probably mainly Marco Hugentobler, who is  
>> working on
>> it
> I fail to print on anything else than A4 - If printing on A3 i get a  
> A3
> paper but the output is of size A4 centered on the A3. The page also
> does not display the full output seen in the print composer but only  
> the
> A4 portion at the top left.
> Currently i print everything A4 into a PDF and then print it with
> acroread to A3 - Takes a lot of time for a simple print ...
> At least the 1.0 does not crash on me every 2nd print ...

I have not tried preset paper sizes. Instead, I use custom paper sizes  
to create maps of desired dimensions and then save as an image. For  
example, if I want a 24in by 36in output for large format printing, I  
will make a custom page 610mm x 914mm and save it as an image (png) at  
high resolution (300 dpi). I can then print this image with good  

I never try to print directly from the composer because I like to have  
an archive of the map output anyway. I seem to recall that older  
versions would force any page size to a standard size (either A4 or  
American Letter dimensions). Perhaps this is still true.

Not sure if this helps, but you might try setting the dimensions  
manually and see how that works.


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