[Qgis-developer] new osm plugin?

Maxim Dubinin sim at gis-lab.info
Sat Jan 31 10:40:41 EST 2009

PC> I noticed a new plugin has appeared in the repo:
PC> http://gis-lab.info/programs/qgis/qgis-repo.xml
PC> however, it does not install:

PC> The plugin seems to have been installed but I don't know where. Probably
PC> the plugin package contained a wrong named directory.
PC> Please search the list of installed plugins. I'm nearly sure you'll find
PC> the plugin there, but I just can't determine which of them it is. It
PC> also means that I won't be able to determine if this plugin is installed
PC> and inform you about available updates. However the plugin may work.
PC> Please contact the plugin author and submit this issue.

PC> All the best.
PC> pc


this one is ours, we've a student on a team, who is working on his thesis trying to
come up with convinient way to work with OSM. I noticed
there is quite a bit of activity going recently on regarding OSM and
QGIS. Though some replication is inevitable, I think this is great and
make the chance that something workable will crystallize in the end

Sometime later, we're going to post our planned functionality plan.

This plugin is slightly rewritten version of Martin's one, as we're
all separated geographically, plugin repo is great way to share even
preliminary versions.

BTW: I wish we could have <experimental>true</experimental> in repo
xml and a checkbox "Show experimental" under Fetch plugins switched off
by default, so that plugins in this category will be somehow separated
from the rest and not contaminate the list.

I'll look into why the plugin doesn't load. Sorry for the mess.
Best regards,
 Maxim                          mailto:sim at gis-lab.info

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