[Qgis-developer] Enhanced constraint violation error dialog while saving edits (feature request)

Stefan Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 20:12:26 EST 2010

Dear all,

I'm referring to the thread "Visualizing topology errors and
supporting topology editing" and got a probably small feature request.

Look at following scenario:
Joe defines before hand some constraints in the database - say not
null, uniqueness, etc. - or even topology rules.
Then Joe captures and/or updates some features with their geometry and
After having entered three objects he wants to check the validity and
hits a shortcut to do this (similar to change edit mode).
He then gets a list of two errors in a modal dialog. There, every line
indicates the feature id and the constraint violation text.
When clicking on such a line, the respective feature is highlighted.

Up to now, AFAIK, there's only the possibility to "change edit mode".
When clicking on it, a dialog entitled "Error while changing attribute
values" pops up and says "ERROR: null value in column "prov2name"
violates not-null constraint" - even when there are more than one
features affected.

So my proposal is:
1. Introduce a shortcut key to periodically "save/update edits"
without leaving edit mode.
2. Enhance current Error dialog as indicated above.

This would allow us to implement constraints and topology rules in the
database without any scripting involved on the QGIS side (unless you
want to set parameters interactively).

What do you think?

Regards, Stefan

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