[Qgis-developer] Re: fTools: Clip and Intersect not writing a file

Craig Leat craig.leat at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 09:11:56 EST 2010

Craig Leat wrote:
> I have a large shapefile of contours and wish to clip them to my area
> of interest, but both Clip and Intersect do not write a file. I use
> EPSG:4326 for all layers and my clip layer is a simple rectangular
> polygon. I have performed a successful clip before using these layers
> and so I don't think there is a problem with the data. I also have
> write permissions in my home directory.
> Software versions:
> fTools tried 0.5.10 and 0.5.9
> QGIS r12821 (self compiled)
> Python 2.6.2
> Ubuntu 9.04
> Any ideas on what has broken? Ps I have upgraded QGIS, SIP and PyQt
> since my last successful encounter with these tools.

If I select a contour and try to save the selection I receive an
error: "Creation of an attribute failed". All attributes seem to
display properly in the table. I then delete all columns except the
heights and now clipping works. I was able to sub-sample the original
shapefile using ogr2ogr without problems, so I wonder why QGIS
stumbles with the data?



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