[Qgis-developer] Minor Irritations

Borys Jurgiel borysiasty at aster.pl
Mon Nov 1 08:50:19 EDT 2010

Dnia poniedziałek 01 listopada 2010 o 13:04:11 Marco Hugentobler napisał(a):
> Hi Micha
> You had to press the alt-key to include all intersected features (otherwise
> only the included were selected). I reversed that in r14476 this morning,
> now it selects the intersecting features if no key is pressed.

But there's still the big problem with Alt + Mouse. This way we're going to 
release functionality working best in selected proprietary operating systems, 
what's definitely not our way :D

What about using Control for swapping the selection and Shift instead of Alt? 


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