[Qgis-developer] Minor Irritations

Borys Jurgiel borysiasty at aster.pl
Mon Nov 1 18:02:33 EDT 2010

Dnia poniedziałek 01 listopada 2010 o 22:19:54 Jeremy Palmer napisał(a):
> Within the ticket I have added a new patch that allows the user to set the
> default selection method. For KDE or Gnome this at least allows users to
> set the main way they want to select features. Not perfect but at least
> functional. Maybe someone else has another idea?

Milena always has another idea ;) and proposes choosing between two modes:
Mode 1 (Win):
- alt for switching intersects/contains
- ctrl for adding features
- shift for substracting features

Mode 2 (Gnome/KDE):
- shift for switching intersects/contains
- ctrl for swapping the selection

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