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Wed Nov 3 22:26:54 EDT 2010


This question should be in a new thread as it is a new topic.  I don't know
if it can be moved?

Anyway, I have used QtCreator to write c++ plugins.  I have done it on mac
and ubuntu...i think it will work on windows too.  Unfortunately I don't
have it set up on my current computer so I am going from memory.  I think
the way i did it was:

1) Set up a development environment and make sure you can compile qgis from
source with cmake.
2) Then you can open the CMakeLists.txt file for qgis with QtCreator and use
it to compile qgis using cmake through QtCreator.
3) It will create a creator-build directory to build into.  Build it and
make sure it works and that you can debug.  To debug you will need to set
the Project Settings in QtCreator to make, make install, and point to the
4) There is a plugin_builder.pl script (in trunk/external_plugins) that you
can use to build a minimal plugin to use as a starting point.  I think that
it adds an entry in the correct CMakeLists.txt file so that the new plugin
will be built.  Test this.
5) If you set it up this way you should be able to code your plugin and
debug it in QtCreator.

Sorry for the vague details...like i said I am doing this from memory.


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