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rafael.mejias at sinfogeo.com rafael.mejias at sinfogeo.com
Thu Nov 4 05:38:45 EDT 2010

Thank you for your response Matt. I will try it.


El 04/11/2010 3:26, Matthew Denno escribió:
> Rafael,
> This question should be in a new thread as it is a new topic.  I don't know
> if it can be moved?
> Anyway, I have used QtCreator to write c++ plugins.  I have done it on mac
> and ubuntu...i think it will work on windows too.  Unfortunately I don't
> have it set up on my current computer so I am going from memory.  I think
> the way i did it was:
> 1) Set up a development environment and make sure you can compile qgis from
> source with cmake.
> 2) Then you can open the CMakeLists.txt file for qgis with QtCreator and use
> it to compile qgis using cmake through QtCreator.
> 3) It will create a creator-build directory to build into.  Build it and
> make sure it works and that you can debug.  To debug you will need to set
> the Project Settings in QtCreator to make, make install, and point to the
> application.
> 4) There is a plugin_builder.pl script (in trunk/external_plugins) that you
> can use to build a minimal plugin to use as a starting point.  I think that
> it adds an entry in the correct CMakeLists.txt file so that the new plugin
> will be built.  Test this.
> 5) If you set it up this way you should be able to code your plugin and
> debug it in QtCreator.
> Sorry for the vague details...like i said I am doing this from memory.
> Matt

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