[Qgis-developer] Way forward: QGIS plugin repo, plugin Trac etc.

Borys Jurgiel borysiasty at aster.pl
Mon Nov 15 16:23:59 EST 2010

> So change of mind from our discussion on IRC yesterday? Should Pirmin
> and I still bother with the test install of Redmine?

Actually I'm still a bit confused and don't want to take one of the two sides 
(mainly because I only looked briefly at the Redmine), but let's just write 
down the disadvantages and threats of the two solutions.

+ the repository is easy to write
? can we connect a vcs as an integrated backend to the repo? (If no, let's try 
to sketch the workflow with external ones - are all the authors granted to 
upload the release to the repo or only the coordinator is, etc)
? can we handle existing osgeo accounts via ldap?
? can we write a trac plugin for syncronizing #tickets with release versions 
only, or with revisions in the backend vcs too?
? any other thoughts... 

? I assume, all the trac and vcs system is OFTB. Am I right?
? What with the repo itself? Is the API sufficient for uploading and 
downloading zips and downloading the metadata in easy-to-parse format? If not, 
should it be written as a (redmine) plugin? Is there anybody keen to write it? 
(in Ruby, as I think?)
? any other thoughts...

I've probably missed many important points after the 5 unsleepy days and 

> To be clear #2 above is where the code for the django site itself will
> be hosted, not the source code of plugins.


> #3 isn't going to be kinda weird for people to report bugs to github
> about things not working on the website, or do we expect to just funnel
> email comments about it to the bug system ourselves.

Maybe better let's keep the repository bugtracking inside its trac. Do you see 
any disadvantages (except the case whole application hangs or crashes)

> #6 I assume this SVN integrated with the New plugin bug trac site is ok?
> Did you still want the ability to set permissions by folder on the svn
> (this is doable).

I think the major problem is to grant permissions to create new folders (when 
creating each new plugin). Is it doable?

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