[Qgis-developer] Way forward: QGIS plugin repo, plugin Trac etc.

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Nov 15 12:54:13 EST 2010

On 11/15/2010 03:45 AM, Tim Sutton wrote:
> Hi all
> There has been a lot of discussion about the way forward for plugins,
> the plugin repository, plugin source management and plugin issue
> tracking / bug reporting in the last few weeks. Sitting in the same
> room for the last few days, we have also been able to go into more
> detail about our requirements. We would like to summarise our
> requirements and plans and get things going. So here is the synopsis:
> 1) We will set up a django instance on the QGIS.org virtual machine
> (using a python vitual environment) for building the new QGIS Plugin
> Repository.
> 2) The code for the repository will be managed via GIT and is hosted
> on github. If you need write access, please provide me with your
> github user name. Details for the repo here:
> https://github.com/timlinux/qgis-django
> 3) The management of issues for the repository itself will be done
> using github infrastructure.
> 4) For the plugins themselves, we are going to request that OSGEO SAC
> provide us with a trac instance dedicated for plugin bugs. It should
> be configured to authenticate users via LDAP so that existing OSGEO
> users will not need to create another account.
> 5) For the management of plugin source code, plugin authors will have
> the option of hosting their own project code (e.g. on github,
> sourceforge etc).
> 6) For plugin authors who wish to use an 'official' source repository,
> we will put in an OSGEO SAC request to set up an SVN instance for QGIS
> plugins. We will provide liberal access to that repository and
> existing user name/passwords can be used. Plugins hosted in this repo
> will be able to be maintained by QGIS developers should they need
> fixing and the original author is no longer available.
> Following this email we will post OSGEO SAC requests for the above
> mentioned SVN and Trac instances and get going.
> I have created a wiki page that we can use to document the setup and
> procedures for plugin-repository authors and plugin writers here:
> http://www.qgis.org/wiki/PluginRepository
> We will use the same QGIS-Django project to include future work such
> as reinstating the users map, creating the certification system web
> site and so on.
> If you are interested and able to collaborate with the django project
> development please let us know and add yourself to the wiki page.
> Thanks!
> Regards

So change of mind from our discussion on IRC yesterday? Should Pirmin
and I still bother with the test install of Redmine?

To be clear #2 above is where the code for the django site itself will
be hosted, not the source code of plugins.

#3 isn't going to be kinda weird for people to report bugs to github
about things not working on the website, or do we expect to just funnel
email comments about it to the bug system ourselves.

#6 I assume this SVN integrated with the New plugin bug trac site is ok?
Did you still want the ability to set permissions by folder on the svn
(this is doable).


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