[Qgis-developer] python error

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Wed Nov 17 12:12:23 EST 2010

I'm not sure what code editor you are using but I suggest to try either
SPE or Eric. Both of those will show indentation errors in a way that
you can fix them. There's another edit that was suggested sometime
recently on the list but I can't recall the name, didn't bother to try
it since it was windows only.


On 11/17/2010 06:29 AM, Carson Farmer wrote:
> Hi Hasan,
> Well I think your error message tells it all: You have problems with
> indentations.
> If the only issue is that you have mixed tabs and spaces, then you
> could do a simple find and replace to correct that problem.
> However, without looking at your code we really won't be able to help much.
> Carson
> On 17 November 2010 14:24, Muhammad Abu Hasan <mdabuhasan at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> i am using QGIS 1.5.0
>> my operating system is win XP
>> python 2.7
>> i have build one python plug in for QGIS but when i want to run .py file
>> then it gives me an error " Error: inconsistent identation detected ! 1.
>> your identation is outright incorrect  2. your identation mixes tabs and
>> spaces"
>> could anyone help me to give suggestion about ,how can i solve this problem
>> best regards
>> Hasan
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