[Qgis-developer] QGIS for winXP

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Mon Nov 22 10:52:02 EST 2010

Il 22/11/2010 16:50, rafael.mejias at sinfogeo.com ha scritto:
>   Hi Muhammad, I have the same problems and I wrote many times to this
> list but I have not received good answers.

Really? I do not find many emails from you in this list (actually I did 
not find any).

> When there are problems,
> tutorials don`t work and we need help from the community.
> I think this situation isn't good for FOSS, and technical people is
> moving from QGis to others systems like gvSIG. A lot of people are with
> the same problem to create plugin (c++ or python) with windows XP.
> I agree with you, but I can´t help you, I´m sorry

Sorry, I think you're being unfair: you are asking for free help, which 
may work (the list archive testify this thousands of times) or may not 
help, if your problem is not interesting for the developers or other 
power users.
That's what technical commercial support is for: if you *need* help, you 
should be prepared to pay for it, nothing wrong with that IMHO.
BTW: my stats say the contrary to your findings: more people are moving 
from gvSIG to QGIS than vice versa.
But of course it's free software, everybody is free to do what they prefer.
All the best.

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