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Mon Nov 22 11:40:39 EST 2010

Paolo, Carson. Thanks for answering. This is what I wrote on November 12:
I've been trying to build QGIS with VC++ 2008 Express and I'm following 
the notes [1], but when I build QGIS using the ALL_BUILD target, I 
always get this error:
/3>Generating qgssearchstringparser.cpp
3>*C:\Archivos de programa\GnuWin32\bin\bison.exe: m4: Invalid argument*
3>Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from 
"Generating qgssearchstringparser.cpp"
2>Generating ui_qgsconfigureshortcutsdialog.h
2>Generating ui_qgscompositionwidgetbase.h
2>Generating ui_qgscompositionbase.h
2>Generating ui_qgscomposervectorlegendbase.h
2>Generating ui_qgscomposertablewidgetbase.h
2>Generating ui_qgscomposershapewidgetbase.h
3>Build log was saved at 
3>qgis_core - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

any suggestions?


In this case, it got no response.

Here, I wrote on November 3:
I would like to start with QSIG+QT in Windows XP. Now, I am trying to 
make a plugin with c++ in QT creator. Does anybody have an example of 
.pro file?


In this case, only Matt just told me, but the problem was still there. 
Thanks Matt.

I'm sure the people on the list trying to help, but I think these 
problems are very common error, however, we are not getting good 
solutions. Perhaps because we are not very explicit (Rafa, Muhammad, 
Vanessa, ..)
I think for community growth QGis (like the entire FOSS) is important 
for knowledge sharing.
Paolo, I understand you have to pay for that knowledge, in fact it was I 
who asked you budget for a course this morning.


El 22/11/2010 17:02, Carson Farmer escribió:
>> Hi Muhammad, I have the same problems and I wrote many times to this list
>> but I have not received good answers. When there are problems, tutorials
>> don`t work and we need help from the community.
> I am sorry to hear that you have had problems getting help from the
> community, normally the QGIS devs and users are quite ready and
> willing to provide help, and are generally much more friendly than
> most mailing lists. They do however require a minimal level of help
> from you (the poster) as well:
> In Hasan's case, I think we'll probably need more information about
> the problem that he is having before we'll be able to help him. Most
> developers are busy people, and without a reproducible example or test
> case to work with, we are unlikely to be able to help during the
> limited spare time that we have. Things to think about when asking
> questions are: What is your operating system (obviously in this case
> it is Win XP), What versions of the various bits of software are you
> running (in this case Muhammad has provided this information already),
> and what *exactly* is the problem that you are experiencing. It is not
> clear from the original email what the problem is. Is the plugin that
> you are having trouble with one of your own, or is it one of the many
> plugins available via the plugin installer? It sounds like it is one
> of your own plugins, in which case, what exactly is the error message
> that you are getting when trying to load it in QGIS? Have you followed
> the tutorials provided for building PyQGIS plugins? When does the
> error occur (during QGIS startup, when trying to activate the plugin,
> during execution of plugin code)?
> If you would like a complete and 'good' answer, then you'll have to
> provide us with more information, and 'good' examples of your problem.
> If you post a snippet of code that seems to be giving you issues, then
> devs and other users are more likely to to able to help (and want to
> help), because they can simply fire up their QGIS, and paste some code
> into the Python console or similar. Help us help you!
> Regards,
> Carson
>> Anybody has experinece to use QGIS with windows XP operating system ?
>> becasue i am using QGIS1.4.0 with windows XP and since one month i am facing
>> problem to open plug-in in QGIS and its really a big problem for me,
>> whenever i want to opne plugin the QGIS give me some python error.
>> therefore, if anybody has experience then could you please write to me what
>> is required to use QGIS with winXP, basically i need create python plug-in
>> for QGIS.
>> best reagrds
>> Hasan

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