[Qgis-developer] Plugin GdalTools - Build Virtual Raster (catalog) idea to develop

Giuseppe Sucameli sucameli at faunalia.it
Wed Nov 24 15:21:06 EST 2010

Hi Santiago,

On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 6:01 PM, Santiago Lastra
<santiago.lastra at gmail.com>wrote:

> Recently I've found this very interesting and useful tool, at least for me.
> I will propose two ways to improve the tool:
> - The tool right now offers the user the possibility to select as many
> files as he wants inside a directory. I propose to give also the possibility
> to define only a directory that contains raster files (of every kind), with
> a check box to give the oportunity to follow the subdirectories of the first
> one.
there's an opened ticket yet, see [1] ;)

- I think it's better to explain my problem and I think you will understand
> the reason of my second proposal. I have directories with up to 2000 raster
> files or even more. If you try the tool as is and if you select "add to
> canvas", it takes several minutes to load and see the virtual raster catalog
> (VRT) into QGIS, but if I zoom in to the right scale QGIS move the images
> very quickly. What I suggest is to add in the dialog the possibility to
> define the "scale dependent visibility" when the VRT is added to the TOC of
Why don't you stop the rendering? So you can set the "scale dependent
range using the existent layer properties dialog.

Simply you can disable it either before you add the layer or while QGis
loads it.
Or maybe did I misunderstand?


[1] https://trac.osgeo.org/qgis/ticket/3095

Giuseppe Sucameli
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