[Qgis-developer] upgrading to spatialite 2.4.0-RC4

a.furieri at lqt.it a.furieri at lqt.it
Thu Nov 25 06:55:04 EST 2010

Hi All,

I've just finished merging the latest
SpatiaLite 2.4.0-RC4 in QGIS-trunk:

a) I've updated the 'internal' spatialite
   sources: -/src/core/spatialite/*

b) the most interesting new feature now 
   supported in spatialite is the so called
   "DB self-initialization": this practically 
   means that each time a new DB is created 
   from scratch, then the spatial metadata 
   tables [GEOMETRY_COLUMNS and
   SPATIAL_REF_SYS] will be automatically
   created. And the whole EPSG dataset will
   be silently loaded into SPATIAL_REF_SYS.
   So there is no longer any need to copy
   a template DB as in previous versions,
   because now a brand new DB can be created
   simply calling the appropriate APIs

c) accordingly to this, I've modified
   in order to support "DB self-initialization"

d) I've applied the same change on
   where I found another function strictly 
   corresponding to c)

e) after all this I've then removed any 
   definition of: qgisSpatialiteDbTemplatePath()
   because this seems to be obsolete and no
   longer required:


question #1: do you foresee any possible
issue deriving from the above changes ?
[I've performed some testing and anything
seem to work as expected, but any further
advice is obviously welcome]

question #2: may I commit the above changes ?
or do you think it would be better waiting
until after the 1.6.0 final release ?

bye Sandro

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