[Qgis-developer] GSoC Proposal: QGis Globe

Marco Bernasocchi marco at bernawebdesign.ch
Wed Apr 6 09:53:07 EDT 2011

Hi I'll propose for QGis Globe plugin, here the text i'll be submitting
as idea, do you have any feedbacks?

Google earth made the masses unconsciously aware of what GIS actually is
and for what it can
be used for, nowadays most GIS students would explain to their parents
that what they do is
somehow related to Google earth. And this is great because now we can
easily explain a small
part of what we do: data visualization. On the other hand there are
other very important tasks
in GIS: data exploration and data analysis.
Globe Plugin aims at the real time visualisation of the Qgis map canvas
on a 3D (true 3D as
well) globe to allow data analysis, exploration and visualization all
using the same Software
package. This approach has the advantage that all data can be studied
while looking at the
topography of the terrain. Therefore the topography is directly present
and doesn't need to use
a further visual variable.
Furthermore this approach would allow GIS users to produce high quality
3D output and
visualizations without having to export or convert their data to other
The first part of the project would aim at a stabilization, performance
increasing and bug fixing
of the current code-base.
The second part would be dedicated to the following features implementation:
- user selectable Real time Synchronisation with map canvas
- Creation of Signals for symbolization updates
- Use of 3D models in QGIS symbolization
- Python bindings
- Packaging
- Nicer “fly to” paths
- Navigation with Wiimote or Kinect
In the future the Globe Plugin could be the precursor for a complete 3D
data visualisation and
analysis tool in Qgis.

ciao Marco
Marco Bernasocchi
skype: mbernasocchi

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