[Qgis-developer] GSoC proposal: QGis for android

Marco Bernasocchi marco at bernawebdesign.ch
Wed Apr 6 09:54:41 EDT 2011

Hi I'll propose for QGis for android, here the text i'll be submitting
as idea, do you have any feedbacks?

Ubiquity of mobile devices makes the use of such objects a day to day
business for many
professionals nowadays. When working on field data capture or
management, the use of bulky
hardware is very uncomfortable and unproductive and thus the merging of
top notch software
such as Qgis and mobile devices would greatly improve the productivity
of many users and
thus the appreciation of QGis as THE Gis software of choice.
The idea is to Port QGIS to Android and improve the GUI for using it on
a Tablet PC. Qt, the
base library of QGIS has already been ported to Android recently under
the name Necessitas.
The first and main part of the project would be dedicated to get all the
other required libraries
for building QGIS compiled for Android and to get a standard Qgis
running under Android.
The second part would then be dedicated to the UI improvement for using
QGIS with a touch
screen interface, this would be a first version of QGIS Mobile.
A third part, depending on the difficulty of the two first parts (or as
part of a future project),
would be to create a prototype for an optimized UI for smaller Android
devices with basic

Ciao Marco
Marco Bernasocchi
skype: mbernasocchi

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