[Qgis-developer] raster transparency slider

Benjamin Bohard benjamin.bohard at orange.fr
Thu Apr 7 08:53:01 EDT 2011

My mistake !

Type "float" made my question unclear.

What I have got in mind is setting low value and high value beyond which 
transparency is set.
I test rastertransparency plugin with float values. Setting a pixel 
transparency for each possible value beyond low and high values seems 
difficult (furthermore with a slider) : no obvious way to know all 
values of interest. It seems more efficient and legible to set low and 
high value associated with one alpha value.

That's why I tought of a pixel value range instead of a single (or 
single * number of bands) pixel value. It is independant of value type 
(integer or float).

Perhaps all values of interest can be filtered at plugin execution time 
(scanning all raster values when selecting layer and sending those in 
range set by sliders instead of int values) ?

Thanks for your answer Alexander.

Benjamin Bohard

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