[Qgis-developer] ecw and linux nightly builds

Ramon Andinach custard at westnet.com.au
Thu Apr 21 11:13:03 EDT 2011

On 20/04/2011, at 23:41 , Jürgen E. Fischer wrote:

> Hi Ramon,
> On Wed, 20. Apr 2011 at 23:17:07 +0800, Ramon Andinach wrote:
>> I have also been looking at Jürgen's answer, and if I understand I should
>> remove the remaining GDAL bits from the 1.6 install and bring in GDAL from
>> source (which should be what the nightly build is expecting), and hook ecw up
>> to that. Then it should work. I'm probably misunderstanding - is that right?
> Not from source.  The nightly builds use the GDAL version from the "original"
> distribution.
> My main point of the nighly builds is to test if trunk is building against the
> various library versions - having usable trunk builds is just a side effect ;)
> So if you need ECW support, you need to add it to that version.  The version
> from ubuntugis is probably a different one and therefore not used by nightly
> build.  And in turn having ECW support for that one, doesn't help.
> You need to build the GDAL ECW plugin for the "original" GDAL version.  The
> tuturial can help with that.  And once you added it, QGIS (including coming
> nighly builds) will be able to use ECW.

I think I understand. I've had a go trying to turn understanding into practicality today, but for the moment, I'm plain out of time.

Jürgen, for a side-effect, this is the most pleasant one I've met for quite some time.


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