[Qgis-developer] How often is qgis srs.db synced with gdal srs database

Hilmy Hashim hilmyh at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 05:19:55 EDT 2011

As I understand it, qgis srs.db is populated from the gdal srs database. I
am using qgis 1.7-dev at now revision 15786 on OSGeo4W.

The RSO projections I'm using: EPSG:3168 and EPSG:3375 does not have
complete proj4 parameters - missing +gamma. The latest gdal using epsg_tr.py
has the correct set.

>From ticket #3645, it looks like a patch was submitted some 6 weeks ago to
sync srs.db with the latest gdal, but I'm not seeing it. Will I be seeing an
updated srs.db only on 1.7 final release?


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