[Qgis-developer] Re: Re:Selecting an Enterprise GIS Solution - QGIS is Selected!

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sat Jan 8 04:06:41 EST 2011

Hi Andrea.
We all agree that QGIS still misses some useful functions (that's why
many new functions are being developed every day).
I was referring to the statement:
"The use of Quantum GIS is not intended to replace DSE's investment in
ArcGIS for more sophisticated analysis, mapping and data management
I am sure the *investment* in QGIS is far more effective, functions for
money, that any other. When organizations stop (or reduce) their
investment in proprietary GIS solutions, and channel the same resources
into QGIS, the advantages are evident.
What is wrong is to compare investment in one solution with no
investment in the other.
Thanks for helping me to clarify.
All the best

Il giorno sab, 08/01/2011 alle 09.46 +0100, aperi2007 ha scritto:

> So I think is we speak of rendering, easy usable, draw a sophisticated
> map.
> We can really say that qgis is a very good product.
> But when speak of spatial analysys , qgis has many and very goods
> tools, and
> using also grass, postgis and spatialite nothing is impossible.


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