[Qgis-developer] QGIS GDAL/OGR Version

b.edwards at ville.laval.qc.ca b.edwards at ville.laval.qc.ca
Sat Jan 8 08:28:13 EST 2011

As per http://forum.qgis.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7800

Upon installing QGIS 1.6 via the standalone installer, I noticed that the GDAL/OGR version varies among the

1) QGIS GDAL/OGR Build Version - Listed under Help>About>About
2) OGR Data Provider - Listed under Help>About>Providers
3) OGR Layer Converter Plugin - I was unable to find any information regarding the OGR version it was built/compiled against

I also noticed that in the installation files there are system files referring to both GDAL 1.6 and GDAL 1.7; however I am only able to run GDAL 1.5 via command line (called from C:\Program Files\Quantum GIS Copiapo\bin).

Could someone please explain if it is possible to make the GDAL/OGR version uniform throughout the QGIS install - ideally the latest stable version of GDAL/OGR? Is it at least possible to run the latest version via command line?

Cheers for any help/suggestions :)

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