[Qgis-developer] Strange behaviour of TMS RAS plugin

Michele Beneventi mbeneventi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 05:34:45 EST 2011

Hi all,
we are the developers of "TMS RAS plugin" uploaded on the official
"repo" by Paolo Cavallini in november 2010.
Working on the plugin we have found some little bugs, that we have
fixed by deleting one exceeding text file; however, during the test of
this new release [1] on Qgis 1.6 (windows XP pro 32 and 64-bit) we
have experienced a strange behaviour: the installation procedure
doesn't create the plugin directory (named "ras") in the "plugins"
directory. The same procedure tested on ubuntu linux 10.10 and Qgis
1.6 works properly.
There is some problem, but we don't know which one.
In any case we would like to replace the plug in (we've got an account
on pyqgis.org).

[1] http://webgis.regione.sardegna.it/software/plugins.xml

Thanks in advance
Best regards

Michele Beneventi
GIS Technologist
LAT: 39° 18' 25"; LONG: 08 °33' 20"


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