[Qgis-developer] How long is the compiling time for a build all QGIS? Solved!

maaza mekuria sailmcm at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 13 12:44:09 EST 2011

Thanks to Macho and Nathan and all of you who are excellent QGIS supporters, I was able to compile the application without errors. 

The errors posted were a result of prior installation of OSGEO include directory being left unchanged in CMake List of variables. Once I fixed that it was able to find the missing header files. 

I am off to a clean start, and will do a bit of fiddling with the plugins to test out my ideas. I will read Marco's documentation on the coding guideline file. I may even post some plugins, who knows where it will lead. But I am excited about the prospects of using QGIS to help me think better solutions for my GIS in Transportation problems.

I may even solve my personal crisis, one never knows what tomorrow will bring. But it is good to have an extra tool like QGIS to help along the way. 


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> I am interested right now in building a sample C++ plugin. I am looking for some documentation on how I can compile a plugin that will run in my trunk (Ver. 1.7) installation would be kindly welcome.

What about http://www.qgis.org/en/documentation/manuals.html
The "QGIS Coding and Compilation Guide" should have some examples inside.


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