[Qgis-developer] multi-view

ludovic mercier ludovic.mercier at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 03:51:29 EST 2011

Hi all,

thanks for all developer for this big and great work on qgis.
I work for an astrophysics and planetology laboratory and i have create 
a qgis fork with 1.4.0 version.
Many researcher work with envi software to analyse their image and use 
multi-view to work.
So i create a fork to add multi-view and hyperspectral analyse. See the 
for a screen shot.

My question is this feature (multi-view) is interesting for qgis team ?
If yes, i am interesting to know how to integrate this to official qgis 
In this time i have still some little bugs with interaction between 
active view and zoom-view at the right bottom.
For the time being i work only in the hyperspectral analysis tool.



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