[Qgis-developer] A roadmap to QGIS 2.0

Anita Graser anitagraser at gmx.at
Wed Jan 19 11:08:05 EST 2011

Paolo wrote:
> Il giorno mer, 19/01/2011 alle 11.30 +0100, Werner Macho ha scritto:
>> I agree that we probably should do the same as we did with 1.0 (with 
>> less success) and call 2.0 a "Long Term release".
>I may be wrong, but given the current pace of development I am rather
> skeptical about "long term". Better keep it dynamic than freeze it.

I'm also concerned that we couldn't keep up our current pace if we need to  
support two versions.

Werner wrote:
> On the other hand - I can already hear the rants "plugin xxx is not
> working in my qgis" when the plugin is meant to run in a higher
> version .. but thats one of the things we would have to deal with ..

Forum and user mailing list will be flooded with such posts. We'd need a  
really good plugin installer mechanism that informs users about which  
versions are required for a plugin. Of course plugin devs also have to be  
aware of possible problems.


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